Terms of Purchase:

We stand behind all of our products, and do our very best to delivery a top-notch experience.  If you have a problem with a product or order, please contact us ASAP so that we can make it right.  You can reach Kristen at or 608-446-6962

CSA Membership Terms:

By registering for a Blue Moon CSA share, you are a member of our CSA community. We are so happy to have you! As your farmers, we are committed to making your farm experience the best it can be, and to grow the very best healthy, seasonal vegetables for you and your family.

Weather and other conditions beyond our control may affect the abundance and diversity of our harvest. We are committed to prioritizing our CSA members with the very best that our fields offer in any given season. We are seasoned farmers with many years of vegetable growing experience and stewardship of our land.


Email is our primary way of communicating with our members.

Our weekly newsletters give important details about your share, conditions that may affect our harvest, and opportunities coming your way. By joining the CSA, you are agreeing to read email communication. Please add and to your address book to protect our communications from spam filters.

You are welcome to contact the farm with questions at any time during the year. During the field season, please allow 3 days for a response to non-urgent questions. We do not have dedicated office staff, and do our best to serve you while the farm is in full swing.

Refund Policy

We would love your membership for the full farm season! We limit our shares and our budget is based on a full roster of members. However, we know that things can come up and CSA may not work out for you. If you have an issue with the share itself, please contact us ASAP so that we can identify the issue and try to resolve it with you. If you would like to discontinue your share for any reason, we can refund the unused portion of our season. If possible, please allow 2 weeks’ notice for cancelling a share. 

CSA Pick-up Times, Packed Shares, Rescheduled Shares

Please observe the pick-up times and note that we cannot accommodate early share pick-ups. You are welcome to explore the farm or visit U-pick areas if you arrive early.

If you cannot make the pick-up but would like to receive the week’s share, you can request that your share be packed in our cooler for retrieval later in the week. Call, text or email Kristen to request a packed share by 7pm on your pick-up day (6pm for Spring/Fall shares).

If you will be away and unable to use your share, you are welcome to RESCHEDULE your share. Your Farmigo account makes this process quick and simple! Full share members will choose a week to receive a “double share” and Every-Other-Week (EOW) members can choose an “off” week to receive a share.